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Summary – Put your skills to a good use. Try simple tips that can help you write an SEO Friendly Blog-Post!

It’s a tactic that every digital marketer uses- trying Search Engine Optimization for better results. SEO is extremely important part of digital marketing. Companies, brands, web writers and bloggers not just write content, they create special content, which is optimized for web, since digital web crawlers used by search engine websites rank optimized websites higher than the others. So, optimizing your blog posts, so that they can achieve higher search engine rankings is one of the best ways to boost your rankings, get more traffic on the website and ensure that more prospective customers are engaged. Here is a simple guide that you should follow to write SEO Friendly Blog Posts.

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Hire an SEO Company

Hiring an affordable SEO Company is one of the best ways to write blog posts. SEO Companies have studied and researched digital marketing, they know about search engine algorithms as well as different factors that can effect a website’s ranking. Therefore, a good company will actually take away your burdens and ensure that the blog posts on your website are customized to suit SEO. Plus, they usually have great writers on-board, who think and structure a blog post to capture reader’s attention.


Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI keywords are the best to use for SEO friendly blog posts. These are keywords that include synonyms or related words and while they aren’t the target keyword, they still help in increasing the keyword richness of your content. An SEO Manager can help you with the same. Plus, you should use one or two long tail keywords and focus on them for each post. Limiting number of keywords can prevent your website from being penalized and adds a focused approach throughout the content.

Think the Title

Always consult with your affordable SEO Company about titles for your blog posts. You can come up with a title on your own and ask the SEO writer to work on it, or you can deliberate on different topics. Title should ideally have a long-tail keyword and must be under 70 character. A short and crisp title would make it appear more relevant, while addition of keyword will help it rank higher on search engine.

A URL and a Meta description

Meta Description actually describes what the content is all about. Meta Descriptions are basically short summaries that you provide search engines so that they can supply readers about the information on your post. Short meta-description, which clearly provides the information on content is essential. The URL of the blog post should also reflect the topic so that it helps in adding structure to your content.

Optimize Images

Text is important for blog posts, but you can use images for SEO purposes as well. Search engines look for images that are supplied with text. So, information about the image, a description that is relevant and keyword rich can be a great way to optimize the post for your website. Basically, without a caption images cannot be interpreted. So, you must focus on optimizing images.

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