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Someone who knows SEO well enough would know that link building, though very benefiting for SEO, can be potentially dangerous, if not done in the right manner. Google has come a long way from being a platform, where indiscriminately building links will yield you higher rankings; you’d only be attracting a penalty if you do so. Moreover, link building practices are constantly evolving, leaving no one formula to follow to do it right.

So what are the latest link building techniques in SEO then?

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link-buildingLatest Link Building tactics

The following four ways are the most rewarding, amongst the many link building techniques that can be used.

  • Quality guest blogging – Let’s cut to the chase. Guest blogging should not be done with an aim to get backlinks. Well, it does get you back links; but, engaging in guest blogging simply because it will get you backlinks, will kill the true purpose and the quality of the blogs will take a plunge. This in turn will attract penalty for the website where it’s being featured. Understand that guest blogging is a way of adding value, and premium recommendation. It needs to be done once in a while, and done well, so that the reader is compelled to buy your opinion. Therefore, quality guest blogging is important.
  • Infographics – Honestly, infographics are no longer as popular as they used to be. This is because infographics today can be mass created, by any company that possesses a marketing budget and an ounce of strategy. But, they are still effective. They may not get you as many backlinks as they used to earlier, but they are still an effective way to get backlinks.
  • Content marketing – By content marketing we don’t just imply creating good content, but promoting it sensibly too. Going by the latest trends, content marketing is increasingly being done through social media. Besides, sharing your content on Twitter, Facebook, etc. consider sharing them on Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, etc. as well. The more people read and share your posts, the more links you’ll get.
  • Ask – By asking for links, we don’t imply begging or trading. For instance, you’ve mentioned a few names in a blog you’ve written. Now, you can simply let them know that you’ve done something good for them, and leave it to their sensibilities to return back the favor. Or, you can directly request them to share it within their networks.

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So, these four tactics are safe to use this year, when considering link building. Steer clear of any link building tactics that can attract penalty for your website, and engage in activities that only add value for reader. Though link building may have become more labor intensive over the last few years, it’s still a core part of SEO, and therefore still important.

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