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Since Google changed its policy on AdWords to no longer offer paid advertising to drug rehab and mental health treatment centers, these businesses have been at a loss of how to reach clients in need. SeoTuners offers SEO services as a superior solution to navigating the ever-changing landscape of Google’s paid advertising policies:

SEO Is Beating Out Paid Advertising for Treatment Centers

Ads related to drug rehab and mental health treatment have been showing up less and less on Google ever since their policy change two years ago. And while there is still an option for paid advertising through LegitScript, smaller organizations and single practitioners often can’t qualify for or afford the certification.

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Additionally, nonprofit organizations with Google Ad Grants are unable to utilize these resources strategically or pay for other options.

Marketing Should Be Targeted

Google made these policy changes to protect the public from rehab clinics that were allegedly not providing quality care, but rather trying to turn a profit from the opioid crises.
Admittedly, marketing to populations struggling with drug and alcohol addiction has always been a bit of a gray area, and now is the time to rethink how you can customize your marketing strategy to best reach and connect with your audience.

Google’s restriction of AdWords has created an opportunity for treatment centers to see marketing in a whole new light. Rather than paying for advertising in exchange for exposure, treatment centers can take control of their own marketing strategy by utilizing SEO to build their website’s authority and ultimately gain exposure in exchange for quality of service.

When it comes to performing marketing for treatment centers, search engine optimization (SEO) is key, now more than ever. Prospective patients and their loved ones rely on Google’s top recommendations when researching treatment options, and everyone – even your competition – wants that top spot.

Investing in a quality SEO strategy will not only make your phone ring; it will allow your treatment center to shine for its merits, authority, and quality service, rather than for its ability to pay for advertising.

Creating your Treatment Center’s SEO Strategy

As you know, Google doesn’t make getting to the top of page one easy. Factors such as the number of reviews on your business, monthly website traffic, and the quality of your backlinks play a big part in determining whether your website truly fits your prospective patients’ needs.
But with Google’s new 3-pack, businesses need to rank higher in order show up in the fewer results provided by a search. While search results are determined by factors such as location and are customized for each individual, there are certainly things you can do to boost your chances of appearing in the top 3 results.

Optimize Your Website

Driving traffic to your website from outside links, landing pages, and social media content will increase your SEO and Google rankings. Here are some key strategies to optimize your website:

  • Research and equip your webpages with the right keywords (i.e. location-specific keywords)
  • Develop targeted customer profiles
  • Encourage reviews
  • Maintain a user-friendly and mobile-responsive website

Keywords and targeted customer profiles that are location-specific will help identify your treatment center with the communities you are looking to treat. SeoTuners can help you identify which keywords will help you connect with your targeted audience.

Additionally, having quality and detailed reviews will personalize your company and build trust with your potential clients. Building a quality SEO strategy involves any avenues that increase your authority, visibility, and positive image across the web.

Optimizing your website in a way that makes it as accessible as possible makes it favorable in SEO and Google rankings that ultimately aim to increase the quality of user experience.

The Power of Link Building

Before Google’s Penguin update in 2012, the search engine valued websites that included links to their webpages hosted on multiple sites. Think of it as the Wild West of SEO, where everyone and anyone with a website would cold call other sites to host or trade links. The more often your website was recommended through a link, the higher your page would rank in Google searches.
Since this update, link building is more strategic and intentional.

Rather than rewarding treatment center websites with links scattered across the web, Google values links with quality, well-researched, original content. This means that the more links you include that have reputable, high-authority websites, the better and more legitimate your website looks.

SeoTuner’s Specialized Treatment Center Link Building

Link building is a great way to prove that your treatment center is exactly what people are searching for, but it can be hard to gauge which websites will raise your pages to that coveted first page on Google.

On top of discovering high-authority pages, figuring out how to convince them to host your link on their website can be intimidating and time-consuming. This is why investing in SEO is vital, and why SeoTuners can be an excellent resource for your treatment center.

Investing in a service that specializes in treatment center SEO can be a gamechanger for your company. Our SEO specialists can help define your drug rehab center’s keywords, optimize your content, and cater to your customer profiles, and actively build out your links.

Plus, unlike other SEO services that still subscribe to old-school link building, SEOTuners’ unique plugin and treatment center network can immediately boost your drug rehab center’s SEO.

Our backlinks come from a network of treatment centers that are willing to provide links in exchange for them in return. This creates a reputable, reliable system for quality link building that will boost your center’s presence on Google and get you more visibility with your client base.

We Can Get You Results

We are currently working with over 100 treatment centers nationwide. Check out our Google My Business (GMB) page to read some of our positive reviews for yourself:

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SeoTuners is well-versed in treatment center SEO, working with drug rehab centers to craft tailored SEO plans, boost page rankings, and drive traffic. With affordable SEO solutions that include web design, social media, custom link building, SEO penalty recovery, and more, we’re confident we have a solution for all your treatment center marketing needs. Contact us today and boost your company’s web exposure.

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