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Internal linking for SEO: Why and how?

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Internal linking plays an important role in search engine optimization, or SEO, as it helps the search engines index and understand your website. The best type of internal links are those that are relevant to users and search engines alike, help users navigate your site more easily, and help search engines better categorize your content. This guide will walk you through what internal linking is, why it’s important to SEO, and how you can implement it on your website.

3D illustration of computer keyboard with the script Internal Links on two adjacent buttons, and two links of chain connecting these butons.

What is internal linking?

Internal linking is simply using your content to point readers directly to other pages on your site. Rather than having someone land on a single page and then try to go elsewhere, internal links make it possible for visitors to get where they want without ever leaving your site. Internal links provide much more value than external links, which only direct people offsite, so using them as part of search engine optimization is a great idea. Here’s why you should use internal links for SEO services.

Let’s start with something simple: navigation menus. Many sites rely solely on navigation menus at either the top or bottom of each page, but if you’re trying to improve SEO rankings, you need to be more creative about directing users around your site in an organized way that will appeal to search engines like Google.


Things to remember about internal links

Some internal links are even more important than most external links when it comes to search engine optimization. These canonical pages have only one URL, so they’re easier to crawl and index. If a search bot sees multiple versions of a URL from different domains (i.e., on linked sites), then it could think that those versions represent duplicate content or spammy tactics designed to inflate search rankings. When you link to your own site from within, you’re showing Google that these pages are part of your website and not someone else’s. The same goes for links within social media posts—they help Google determine which URLs should be included in its index.


How to add value with your internal links

When we link to pages within our site, we are directing people to a valuable part of our site. We have complete control over what that valuable part contains. So why not add something extra? By adding a description or additional information about an internal page, we are giving value to both new visitors and return visitors who might be interested in another aspect of your site. This can also help search engines decide which results are most relevant for a particular search query.


The dangers of too many internal links

Having too many internal links isn’t just an annoyance—it’s a potential search engine killer. When you start to hit high numbers of outgoing links (aka, internal links), you start to create what we call link ambiguity. If Google detects too many of these kinds of links on your site, it may interpret that as

8 Must-Haves For Your Content Guidelines: What Your Writers Need To Know For SEO Success

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Why do you write content? Is it to keep your readers interested and engaged? Or to impress search engines with the volume of your website’s content? No matter what you hope to accomplish, you can only achieve your goals if you know exactly what they are and how to tell if you’re succeeding or failing to reach them. This article discusses the essentials you need in your content guidelines so that writers understand what they must do, and so that readers know what they can expect when they click on links from your site.

#1 – Keyword Research
Identify a primary and secondary keyword for each piece of content you’re creating. The main idea of your content should be incorporated into these keywords to ensure high SERP rankings. This is also a great opportunity to promote backlinks from other websites through interlinking your content. When writing, don’t forget to include an H1 title tag that includes your business name and keyword!

#2 – Link Acquisition
Links are backlinks from other websites to your website. Search engines view links as a vote for that website’s authority. They treat them as votes in their PageRank algorithm and use them to determine search engine rankings.

#3 – Metadata
I probably shouldn’t have to tell you how important SEO is for your website’s traffic and page rank, but just in case, I will. You need your writers to include a few standard keywords, like SEO Company Ventura or SEO Company Ventura County. Ensure that their on-page optimization (optimization of content for search engines) meets or exceeds Google’s standards.

#4 – Naming Conventions
The Most Crucial Part of On-Page Optimization – Naming conventions are perhaps one of the most critical elements of a website. Proper naming conventions will ensure that your content can be found by search engines for years to come. The trick is that you have to consider both human readability and search engine optimization (SEO) when creating names for your website’s pages, posts, categories, tags, etc.

#5 – Image Requirements
When writing your posts, be sure to use at least one image. This can be as simple as using a photo from Flickr or a creative commons licensed photo that is attributed to Creative Commons. Just because you’re not sharing revenue doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an eye on search engine optimization (SEO). While many people often think of keyword density when they consider their SEO strategy, it is also important to ensure that your content looks friendly and user-friendly.

#6 – Distribution & Curation Guidelines
Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of your content marketing strategy, but there’s a difference between having content that ranks well and having high-quality content. With regards to creating great content, here are some must-haves for your distribution and curation guidelines. #1 – Include A Link Back To The Original Source: When you share someone else’s content on social media or link to it in an email newsletter, be sure to include a link back to their site. This will not only help them gain traffic from your post, but it will also give them credit for their work—which can help boost their search rankings. It’s easy to forget about including a link when you get caught up in sharing something cool, so make sure your writers know that links are important! #2 – Don’t Forget The Image: Adding an image is one of the easiest ways to increase engagement with any piece of content. It’s also really simple to do if you use Google Drive as your CMS platform; just create an image using Google Drawings and insert it into your post.

#7 – Publishing Schedule
We realize you can’t be on your computer 24/7, but we do expect that when it’s time to publish, you’ll be there. We want to know what days and times you prefer for publishing so we can plan accordingly. If you are available every day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., let us know that in your guidelines! This way, if our writers have an idea at 1 p.m., they know they can send it over without worrying about whether or not you’re online. Also make sure to include how quickly you need articles back after sending them off—is it two hours? Three days? A week?

#8 – Branding Elements & Repurposing
This means that, if you’re a retailer (or any business really), certain aspects of your content will be evergreen and can be repurposed over time. Every once in a while, go back through your content guidelines to see what aspects are evergreen and that you can use again. Once you find these topics, add them to your editorial calendar so they’re included as a permanent fixture in future content rounds.

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How Does Affordable SEO Improve Ecommerce?

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Imagine having the product of your dreams on your own website, allowing customers to purchase it any time they please. All you have to do is sit back and watch the money pour in.

That’s what Ecommerce is– an opportunity for anyone with a working knowledge of internet marketing to get rich – hopefully quickly.

Here are some essential affordable Internet advertising techniques for marketing Ecommerce websites:

1 – Use Tracking Codes and Analytics

An ungodly amount of information about how people use your website can be tracked using Google Analytics or other monitoring services. This data will tell you everything from where users come from, how long they stay on your site, what search engines they used to find you, and what pages they visited before checking out .

Use this information to find out what is and isn’t working on your site. If more people are spending time on the “Contact Us” page, maybe you should move it up higher.

And if none of your visitors are using the search function, try adding a bunch of keywords that might appeal to them into that space.

Everything about Ecommerce advertising is data-driven.

What doesn’t work today may be the most profitable thing ever tomorrow– so make sure you adopt an analytics system early!

2 – Use Ads to Showcase Your Best Products

There’s no better way to sell things than making potential buyers see exactly how good they’ll look with one. You can do this by running ads for your product or service on a per-impression basis.

A website like BuySellAds is going to be incredibly useful here and fit neatly into your affordable SEO service strategy. If you want to go the automated route, Google AdSense can place ads on your site for a fraction of the cost.

Though this method does encourage people to purchase only one thing, it is much more efficient– and thus profitable– than making them filter through your entire catalog before buying .

3 – Get a Social Media Presence

In today’s internet age, having a social media presence isn’t optional.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. all should have some sort of Ecommerce link or marketplace available. Make sure these are updated daily so that customers know they can go to you for their needs.

Your social media presence can be used to spread the word of your Ecommerce business, but also to drive traffic back to your website. If you’re not sure what sort of content will attract people’s attention online, try running an A/B test on some images and blog posts until you find something that works.

4 – Use Followers to Boost Sales

One of the best things about having a well-established social media presence is that there are already a lot of people who follow you or “like” your page– crowdsourcing is powerful!

These followers want to see how much you’re making off all this internet fame, so give them a cut in whatever profits made from their friends’ purchases. This can be done in a few different ways, such as providing discounts for people who follow you on social media or even giving them a free product for every three they purchase.

Either way, it’s important to make sure that your customers know about these incentives and are constantly reminded of how much easier it is to shop with you than anyone else.

So there you have it: four essential tips for marketing an Ecommerce website.

Make sure to keep track of your analytics, use ads to showcase your best products, get a social media presence, and use followers to boost your sales. If you can manage all that, you’re well on your way to a six-figure income!

What Are the Best Strategies for Ecommerce SEO?

The main goal of an affordable SEO strategy when it comes to ecommerce websites is to increase traffic, which will in turn improve sales. This differs from general organic rankings which focuses more on satisfying Google’s guidelines instead of directly affecting business goals.

Although there are plenty of subcategories that makes up search results, but they can be broken into two main groups – product listings and informational pages.

Each of these require their own unique approach in order to produce better results for Ecommerce SEO campaigns.

When it comes to ecommerce product listings, the focus should be on trying to improve visibility and click-through rates (CTRs). The main way to do this is by ensuring that your site appears as high as possible in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords.

This can be done through a combination of onpage optimization and offpage efforts such as link building, social media promotion and affordable website SEO.

The following are some tips you can use to improve your product listing SEO:

* Identify high-value keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business and target them in your content, titles, and meta descriptions.

* Make sure your website is properly formatted for search engines so they can easily crawl and index your content.

* Use images and videos to make your product listings more engaging, and include rich snippets whenever possible.

* Build links from high-quality websites to improve your site’s authority and trust signals.

* Promote your products on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How Can Informational Pages Help SEO?

The main goal of SEO for informational pages is to rank for long-tail keywords that are relevant to your business.

Unlike product listings, which are usually focused on a specific product or category, informational pages are designed to provide in-depth information about a particular topic. This can be anything from how-to guides to blog posts about industry news and trends.

When it comes to ranking for informational pages, the main priority is to make sure your content is of the highest quality possible.

This means writing well-researched articles, using original images and videos, and including accurate information. You also need to make sure your website is easy to use and navigate, as this will help keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time.

The following are a few tips for optimizing informational pages for SEO:

* Identify long-tail keywords that are relevant to your business and target them in your content.

* Use keyword research tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and semrush  to find new keywords opportunities.

* Write compelling titles and meta descriptions that accurately reflect the topic of your article.

* Include images and videos for added visual appeal, and make sure they are properly optimized.

* Include social media sharing buttons so visitors can easily share your content on their favorite platforms.

What Is the Best Shopping Cart for E-commerce Websites?

There are a number of shopping carts you can use for e-commerce websites. When a quick and easy to check out shopping cart accompanies an affordable Internet marketing strategy Some of the most popular ones include:

If you already have an existing store, it is recommended that you either migrate to another platform or integrate with your current one to avoid any downtime or lost data.

If this is not possible, do some research on the benefits and drawbacks of each before deciding which works best for your company. For example, if you own a store selling clothing and accessories and would like to be able sell home decor as well, then using Bigcommerce might be more advantageous than using Volusion.

Here is an overview of each platform with some pros and cons to help you make your choice:


– Affordable pricing

– More than 100 themes to choose from, both free and paid

– Wide range of features, including abandoned cart recovery, order management, shipping rates, etc.

– Has an App Store for additional features and integrations

– Stores can be scaled up as needed

– Good customer support

– No phone support


– Affordable pricing

– Over 100 themes to choose from, both free and paid

– Wide range of features, including abandoned cart recovery, order management, shipping rates, etc.

– Has an App Store for additional features and integrations

– Stores can be scaled up as needed

– Excellent customer support, available by phone and chat


– Affordable pricing

– More than 100 themes to choose from, both free and paid

– Wide range of features, including abandoned cart recovery, order management, shipping rates, etc.

– Has an App Store for additional features and integrations

– Stores can be scaled up as needed

– Good customer support

– Phone support only available during certain times of the day, not 24/7

Volusion is also different from Bigcommerce and Shopify in that it’s more geared towards businesses with smaller to medium sized companies.

SEO is a complex and ever-changing field, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. By following the tips outlined above, you can give your ecommerce business a better chance of succeeding in today’s competitive online landscape.

For further information, reach out to SEOTuners, the industry’s leading affordable SEO company.

How Drug Rehab SEO Benefits Your Treatment Center’s Marketing Efforts

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health states there are about 19.7 million adults in the U.S. who struggle with substance abuse disorder.

The fact that drug addiction and abuse is costing American society more than $740 billion annually in lost workplace productivity and healthcare bills.

Add to that rime-related expenses, and the numbers become even more alarming.

There’s a need to ensure that people with the addiction get the treatment they need.

That’s where your facility needs to partner with experts in treatment center marketing and treatment center SEO.

Treatment center SEO 

Treatment for Select Few

 If you already have a drug rehabilitation center, then you’ll want to make sure your facility is always at full capacity. However, while the numbers of substance abuse and addiction in the country are high, only a quarter of that seek out or even receive proper treatment.

Plenty of factors contribute to that. People are afraid of the stigma attached to addiction and would rather suffer on their own than seek out treatment.

Some are afraid of the unknown. Unsure of the treatment, they refuse to check into rehab.

Some cite cost as a problem. Out of all these, your campaigns should target those who want treatment but are afraid because they don’t know enough to make the right decision.

That’s your market.

Content is Key

The key to proper SEO today for drug treatment centers or any industry is making the content as user-friendly and informative as possible.

The old days of stuffing a bunch of keywords awkwardly throughout an article won’t fly in Google’s eyes any longer.

In fact, the more content that’s irrelevant or just uselessly informative designed just to fill space will penalize a website in the engines.

Instead, the website truly has to be designed and written with the target audience and end user in mind.

That’s why it’s important when working with a treatment center SEO company to meet with them several times and establish exactly what your facility’s needs and goals are.

What are the key and core service you provide?

What insurance do you take?

How large is your staff?

Addressing these and other important questions that prospective customers would ask are important to be clearly addressed near the top of your home page. Then Google knows right away how to best categorize your facility and what keywords you should be ranking for.

We ensure that every word and page on your site stresses your core values and services.

Affordable Internet Marketing Solves the Problem

Knowing the challenges that face the addiction recovery market will help you come up with better strategies. Once you’ve identified your audience, start looking for professional help with your drug rehab marketing strategies partnering with a company that will work within your specific budget and has the experience to make you rank higher in Google search.

Each strategy will focus on building and providing the necessary knowledge that people with addiction need to decide about pursuing treatment.

Choosing the Right Team

 Smart, focused, and insightful marketing doesn’t happen by accident, though. It’s a product of skill and experience. That’s why it’s important to find the right marketing firm to create your campaigns.

Do your homework.

What kind of qualifications does the firm have? How long has the affordable SEO company. been in the business? What kind of affordable SEO marketing service does it offer?

Look for Specialization

Not every affordable internet marketing company have meaningful experience in marketing drug rehab facilities. If you want stellar results, pick a firm that has already handled drug rehab marketing in the past. Ask them questions about that project.

What marketing campaigns or strategies did they use, and will they use the same techniques again? Were the results successful?

Ask About the Process

 What strategies will they implement for your facility?

Addiction recovery centers operate under the idea of trust and credibility. Given how serious addiction is, it’s only right that people take the time to get more information about the facility.

  • They read reviews.
  • They check websites.
  • They ask for credentials.
  • They want to know that the facility is trustworthy.

Your marketing strategy needs to integrate that into the campaigns.

A good marketing firm understands that.

A bad one does not.

Look out for that difference when you ask the company about their plans for your facility. If the company is more concerned about getting customers to your door by marketing low-cost services over building trust, look elsewhere.

Off Page Drug Rehab SEO Strategies

Equally important as the keyword strategies that are being used on your web pages are working with other websites who agree to link back yours.

The more “back links” that a site the more Google sees that site as having authority in a given subject.

One important strategy in the treatment center world is finding bloggers and former patients who are in recovery themselves. If their blogs are relevant in sharing their treatment experiences and maybe even discuss what to look for in a drug rehab center, then that’s a perfect fit to ahve them link to you.

In many cases, you’ll have to enter into a link exchange relationship where you include a link to their blog in one of your blogs and vice versa. But, it’s a reciprocal relationship that will pay dividends in traffic over time.

One back link warning note: Beware of digital marketing companies that promise a ton of back links only to find out later that most of these links were spammy in nature and had little – if anything – to do with your business.

We partner only with sites that are specific to the industry of drug rehab and treatment centers.

Partner With a Company That Specializes in Drug Rehab SEO

The reality is that addiction is one miserable experience we shouldn’t have to experience at all. Drug abuse essentially is one difficult battle to fight as patients seem to gradually self-destruct falling in deeper and deeper into a bottomless pit way off sanity and normalcy.

For individuals who are battling drug addiction, sometimes guts and resolve may not do it for you alone. Most times effective results can only be sought at officially designated drug rehabilitation centers.

Now with the proliferating cases of drug abuse on a national level as we have in our modern society, drug rehab centers are creeping up rampantly everywhere.

Now as a drug rehab center, you must admit the competition is higher than ever. How can you get patients, what means can you deploy to let more people know about your services and the potency as well?

Simply what medium of marketing should you invest in?

Today, the whole world is evolving digitally. The internet is thriving wonderfully. More than just answering necessary information, the internet is now a bubbling hub of commerce as a lot of transactions and lead acquisition is executed online.

Therefore as a modern drug rehab center, you should rightly have an internet marketing structure in place for your drug rehab services. Most efficiently you are going to need drug rehab SEO (search engine optimization).

Whether you like it or not, search engines remain the primary driver of traffic to websites today. Google, for example, directs hundreds of millions of visitors to several websites every day.

Therefore you need effective drug rehab SEO to get to the top pages of Google and other search engines. You need powerful, effective and affordable SEO services for your drug rehab center to ascend to the top of Google so that you can accrue considerable traffic.

You would be surprised to know the number of searches or queries that people ask on top search engines (like Google, Bing, etc.) about drug rehab centers and the associated services.

It will be a pitiful loss if your website (as a drug rehab center) is not showing up in those web searches. You can vividly imagine the number of worthy leads (and potential users of your services) you are losing to your competitors every time.

And you know in a fiercely competitive environment businesses find themselves today, they cannot afford to be generous with their hard-earned clients.

Therefore it is conspicuous and beyond argument that in the vein of the digital trend nowadays, you shouldn’t think drug rehab centers are too old-school to be deploying SEO and internet marketing.

More than this, it is not just about jumping online with a website and doing hurried and shallow SEO marketing. No, it is about generating results admirably – if not it is not worth it, is it?

That is why you need the right hands and experienced personnel handling your drug rehab SEO. At SEOtuners, we are proud of a large number of websites we have lifted to the top pages of search engines with effective SEO marketing deploying the most sophisticated, the latest and effective SEO strategies.

Allow SEOTuners to handle your SEO for your drug rehab center today and get superior results.

Drug rehab SEO and drug rehab marketing works, especially with us.


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Your website is one of the most important—if not the most important—tools to keep your business visible in the market. You want to establish a sense of trust with your audience, and there’s no faster way to lose someone than to have outdated or irrelevant information on your website. Especially in today’s climate, you want to ensure your website is always kept fresh with updated content. Let’s dive right in with these tips to clean up content on your site.

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Merging multiple websites? Here’s how to maintain organic performance

Business mergers, as well as consolidation of office space and store locations, are fairly common in today’s economic climate as business owners look for ways to recoup losses from the pandemic.  As these changes that place, it’s important to remember that your business websites may also need to merge and consolidate as well to help alleviate confusion for your customers, colleagues, and partners. And just like packing up physical boxes and moving them, merging your websites also requires active preparation, condensing, and moving things around with a solid strategy in mind. What content should you keep, eliminate, or update? How can you keep your current Google ranking? To answer these questions and more, we’ve put together a handy guide to help your website maintain organic performance while undergoing the merging process.

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What are Google Local Business Cards and How to Optimize Them?

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Discover one of the simplest and most affordable SEO services available now: Google local optimization with Local Business Cards

In 2019, about 50% of the 67,000 search queries made on Google Search are local searches.

Today, Google offers a fleet of help and often free tools under their Google My Business suite of strategies.

So, first, make sure your business is represented with its own Google My Business page.

Once that’s established, let’s look at other features Google offers you, a s a local entity to stand out.

How can your business tap into this user base, attract, and convert them into raving, paying customers to grow your business? And what does Google local optimization, local business cards, or Google My Business have to do with anything?

Let’s do a little experiment.

Open a new tab in your browser. Type “green tea in Houston” in the search box. What do you see in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)?

Anything like this?

Google My Business in action on top of search results

Notice the first result is a spice store. If you are looking for coffee and baked goods, you’d choose the second or third ones, right?

So, let’s pick Palm & Boy Coffee and Acai. Click on the name once.

This comes up:

Inside Google My Businessthe top Google local business card

Now, in the middle column, can you spot the following by scrolling down?

Google My Business reviews

And then this:

The last of the local business cards in a GMB listing

If you search for a business online, like 60% of consumers did in 2018, you may see this too:

Google knowledge panel directly in search results

The above series of screen shots demonstrate the cluster of features that make up Local Business Cards. Google calls all of it Google Posts and is yet another form of affordable SEO.

What is a Local Business Card?

A Google Business Card is a search result feature that displays a host of critical information about a local business.

The information typically displays on the right-hand side of search results. It is essentially what a search engine user needs to know about your business such as:

  • Your location on Google Maps, and directions
  • Official business website link
  • Type of business
  • Star rating
  • Contacts and address
  • Open hours
  • Relevant images

Even more critical, a local business card will help persuade (or deter) a potential customer through Google Reviews, busiest hours, and the competition’s appeal (as highlighted under “People also search for” section).

Instead of clamoring for overwhelming and expensive SEO techniques right out the gate, you can start by claiming your GMB listing. Then learn how to optimize your Google My Business Account.

How to optimize your local business cards?

Here’s how to improve and take advantage of Google Local Business Cards in the simplest, most actionable way so you can start immediately.

  1. Claim your GMB listing

Getting on GMB will almost instantly have your business feature in Local Finder, Local Pack, and Google Maps. You can link the listing to your business website.

You will also show you are a real business, in a specific location, and are open for business to boost your local and affordable SEO service.

  1. Fill all the information in

From your business name to type of business to upcoming events/promotions, to open hours, give searchers the information they need to get to you

  1. Use your niche keywords in your 300-word description.

Google only shows the first 100 characters on first glance so make those count.

Amplify what you offer without copy-pasting your menu (if you are an eatery). For example, highlight attributes such as free WI-FI, a vegan diet, and home delivery.

Don’t overuse keywords, too.

  1. Activate most relevant CTA

You’ll have several calls-to-action prompts to choose from such as read more, get, and buy. Use one that suits precisely what you want searchers to do after seeing the listing.

  1. Enable and solicit Google reviews.

And regularly respond to reviews whether positive or negative to show potential customers you care. Remember

Remember over 85% of people trust online reviews more than the would the word of a friend or a personal recommendation.

  1. Activate Click-to-Message

The feature allows consumers to easily text your business so you can connect more and convert them to buyers.

  1. Verify your GMB Listing

Log in to your GMB account. Select the business to verify. Choose verification method. Follow the prompts.

  1. Add striking images

Use sharp, 750 by 750 images or 30-seconds video on your listing to give a visual highlight of exactly what you offer. Show out your exterior, interior, team, the team at work. Ensure they accentuate the mood you want customers to know you for.

  1. Use Posts

Regularly post upcoming events such as promotions, karaoke, team building, and competitions to keep your listing fresh and buzzy. Each post lasts up to just 10 days.

With just these nine local business card optimization tips, you can start seeing increased exposure online whether you are big or small business with a limited SEO marketing budget. Try it and see. Will you?


Top 10 Elements of Landing Pages That Convert

What is a landing page?

A landing page is simply a static, standalone page that users are directed to when they click a search engine results page, email, ad, or another type of marketing link. Some examples include your homepage, a page dedicated to a single service or product (as opposed to your entire list or catalog of offerings), or a promotional page dedicated to special offers.

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Local and affordable SEO

Local Affordable SEO Checklist for the Efficient Business Owner

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