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Internet Marketing Trends 2014

  • Panda and Penguin two of the major updates by Google means that the emphasis for high rankings is no more on repetition but blog posts, videos and slide shows which would make the websites more interactive. This would guide a steady flow of organic traffic, a trend which would continue to dominate much of internet marketing in 2014.
  • Mobile and content marketing would continue to dominate internet marketing in the years to come. Blog posts might be the new in thing for content marketing while email newsletters, information on sales and offers and all this brought to him over the comfort of his Smartphone would certainly appeal to the customer in 2014. Mobile and content marketing going hand in hand is already the road to the future.
  • Content marketing allows the companies to interact with its consumer base and not only does it mean a bigger role for the same but social media, articles, e newsletters, blogs and posting on their websites would all allow it to concentrate on the important buzzword in marketing circles today – inbound marketing.
  • Since Author Rank might be rolled out by Google soon and this may also be a part of Page rank there would be a stress on creative and innovative content.
  • One needs to know the return on investments when it comes internet marketing. This is where analytics will play a key role in the near future. Measuring the marketing processes in a company and whether it is achieving its desired results would become a demanding slot in internet marketing of the future. This would also result in an evolution of the attributing model.
  • Loyalty marketing would also be of importance in the field of internet marketing since it is always difficult to find a new customer in this tech savvy world of intense competition than to retain a loyal customer with tailor-made services and recognition. This would mean more and more focus to make the consumer’s experience worth coming back for.
  • SEO and social marketing are set to come closer which would mean the more shares on the social media would mean higher rankings on the search engine’s result pages. Something which goes viral might therefore be taken as a marketing blitzkrieg in the world of internet marketing.
  • Product videos and testimonials might soon be of immense importance in what has come to be understood as video marketing. Even though it is yet to earn its rightful place under the sun video marketing might just be the new future. One of the reasons why Twitter’s 6 second Vine videos have been popular with many brands
  • There may also be a greater demand for outreach and partnership which might at times divert the concern from content. However, content and interactive tools would essentially complement each other in the coming few years with a steady intermixing of the two.
  • Improved visualization with a greater stress on design in a business website to bring the new tech savvy consumers might be the focus of internet marketing in 2014. This would be the defining trend in many ways since the new age web users do not like to wait for pages to load and wouldn’t stay if they don’t like what they see.

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