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Experts have been debating for years what makes up the perfectly optimized web site. This is due to the fact that no one really knows what search engines are ranking sites based on. Luckily, there are people out there who study how search engines seem to work and they have developed a system that can help.

The first step is to know your audience. This is taught in web development, marketing, and many business classes, but no one really defines what that means. When you think of your customer base, you should be able to bring up a specific image including: age, income, personal style, location of residence, gender, and so forth. The more specific your image of this person, the better you can write content targeted for him or her.

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Now that the client is defined and you know who he or she is, you can create a list of keywords. This initial list should be huge; a good start is at least 100 words. If you are stumped, many search engines have tools to suggest possible keywords for your site based on usage and industry. Once you have a list of 100 words minimum, you are going to pare it down to what relates specifically to your target audience. This means using terms they may use to find you. If you are unsure of which words to use, ask family and friends that fit your customer profile, or better yet, consult with professional, like the ones at SeoTuners.

You are ready to write. Web pages should be around 500 words long, but if they are a bit longer or shorter that is acceptable. Your keywords should appear at least 2 or 3 times per page, but a bit more is OK too. If they appear more than a handful of times, you are optimizing just to optimize. Do not do that, since many sites consider the appearance of keywords too often as spam.

If you have written your pages correctly, you do not have to go back and add more keywords. You will have to go through and add Meta tag information, which is about the length of a short paragraph. This information should have your keywords in it as well, but only once or twice at the most. At this time, also add in descriptions and alternative text for images, also using keywords when possible. The use of keywords should not over shadow how your text reads, if the text does not make sense, fix it. How readable the text is more important than how many times the keywords appear.

Last, create a title tag. This tag is probably the most important step. This tag appears on the search engine results page, and is the factor that your users are going to judge your site by. If this tag is not interesting, you may not get that click. This will be regardless of how many keywords your pages contain, and will make all your efforts for nothing.

These tips are great when starting out, but consulting professionals can greatly improve your ability to attract customers. SeoTuners has the ability to go over you website and optimize it for you. This leaves you open to run your business which is keeping your customers happy, while they work to help you attract new ones.

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