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Reddit is a popular social news platform that allows users to submit, comment, discuss and vote on content. It serves as an avenue where people with common interests come together and interact on various topics and areas. As Reddit allows creation of communities and a large network of followers within a short span of time, it has become increasingly popular as a social media marketing tool with businesses too.  In fact, several SEO companies in Los Angeles and Ventura and elsewhere also provide services aimed at using Reddit to build brand awareness for their clients.

Using Reddit, you can build small communities called sub-Reddits that can improve the visibility for your business in the online space. Some of the most effective ways to leverage Reddit for your business are discussed in the following sections:

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Encourage user participation

In order to build a strong community on Reddit, you must engage with the followers and encourage them to actively participate in all discussions. Active participation would require them to freely submit content, pictures, their comments and views freely pertaining to the topic and your brand. Identify the best posts and their contributors to increase the interactions within the community. This in turn will help you win advocates and followers for your brand.

Build Sub-Reddits for customer service

You can build a sub-Reddit dedicated to provide customer service to keep your existing customers happy so that they remain loyal to your brand. Several businesses are making use of sub-Reddits to direct all customer queries to a dedicated channel for quick resolution. People visit such communities to discuss their product or service related issues or problems, get solutions, share their experience and post pictures and videos. You can also create a section for helpful links.

Aim at building a network

A network in the world of Reddit means several interlinking sub-Reddits around an idea or topic. If you can get one popular sub-Reddit, it becomes much easier to have the same set of followers for another sub-Reddit on a similar topic. However, it is essential to have high quality content and images to attract these followers. In addition, you need to follow a common naming convention and a common navigation linking all sub-Reddits in a network.



Provide latest updates

In order to have successful engagement and interaction with your brand followers, ensure that you keep them updated with latest news and upcoming events related to your business, products and services, and different activities.  The sidebar of your sub-Reddit can be used to post company news, event calendar and other latest updates.

Conducting interviews

Several businesses bring in their company representative or celebrities endorsing their brands in interview sessions with their sub-Reddit fans / followers. Such engagements make the community feel important and valued, and improve their interaction with your brand. This also helps in growing the size of the community and your brand advocates.


Creating a highly interactive and engaged community on any social media platform requires a lot of hard work, effort, time and great content. However, if you know that your business can grow with the help of active interactions with your customers and followers, starting on Reddit is an ideal step. If you are looking for a reliable SEO company in Los Angeles and Ventura for help with Reddit, you may visit

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