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Google keeps on changing its algorithms every now and then and hence the parameters on which websites are judged also keeps on changing at regular intervals. Hence, getting your website once may not give you the same results after every algorithm update. Hence, SEO should be treated as an ongoing process rather than as a one-time deal.

Google algorithm is constantly keeping a check on all the websites, hence the rankings of websites on Search Engine Results Page keep on changing. Search Engine Optimization can help your website reach top ranks on SERP’s but, keeping hold of that rank is an altogether different thing. Thus it is important to employ affordable website SEO services to not only increase your ranking but also to stabilize your ranking.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization basically refers to getting your website optimized to latest algorithmic updates that Google keeps on rolling out every now and then. If your website is search engine optimized, it means your display content will be of high quality and rich in keywords.

Since Google keeps on upgrading its algorithm, it becomes essential for websites as well to keep upgrading and evolving, because search engine optimization is not a one time process,  and getting your website Search engine optimized does not guarantee that it will always have the same ranking in SERP’s in future.


Why is SEO an ongoing process?

  • Algorithm updates: Google launched its first toolbar back in 2000, which resulted in the advent of a worldwide SEO industry. Since then Google has been upgrading its algorithm at regular intervals to make search better. This means with every new update, your website is subject to new testing parameters which affects the ranks of every website worldwide. Hence to stay at top of the competition, SEO should always be conducted for every website at regular intervals.
  • Domain authority: Every website has a certain domain authority which is the reason a website reaches the top spots in Google Search Engine Results Page. A website with a higher domain authority will likely be on top of the rankings. If your website is not optimized on a regular basis it loses its domain authority and hence valuable Search Engine Results Page rank.
  • Keywords: A website attracts online traffic based on the keywords it has on display. These keywords keep changing in value and thus with time, your website becomes outdated and loses on valuable search engine ranks. Hence Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process as it keeps your website abreast with the latest changes.
  • Page rank: With its tool bar launch in 2000, Google implemented its page rank method to rank websites in true sense. Page rank checks websites on various parameters such as content displayed, links and back links and allots a specific rank to every website on the internet. Now this page rank keeps on testing websites all the time and hence the website ranks are susceptible to change. Hence Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process.

Online presence of a website is very important for every business going online as it helps businesses attract organic leads which can be converted into future business. If your website has a good rank in Search Engine Results Page, it will attract more customers and make your website stand ahead of the competition.

Since Google algorithm keeps on changing at all times, no website is assured of its rank in Search Engine Results Page. Affordable website SEO services can help businesses maintain their all important rank in SERP’s and hence SEO services should be kept in fold for a long time rather than getting your website optimized just once.

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