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SEO is a complex field of knowledge, with lot of intricacies and details – but there are a few concrete basics that any company should be able to impart upon, to help you decide and find out how experienced they are, and whether or not such company is fit for you.

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Otherwise, as per QuickSprout, SEO can make or break your business – and define the difference between nothing and thousands of dollars a month.


Here are such questions:


How are your clients doing?


Bonus points for when asking a business for contact info for the clients. Choosing a company to work can be simplified drastically once you’ve confirmed one simple thing: The clients they have, all have successful SEO campaigns and techniques in place and are doing well versus their local competitors.


If they can’t seem to get their clients on the map, however, how can you be sure they can be effective for your business and niche?


Is paid search worth it?


SEO can typically be split between organic SEO, and paid search. As per Search Engine Land, paid search or PPC isn’t strictly about SEO; but does often relate to search engines because these are the most common places for buying ads. A good SEO company in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks, LA like SeoTuner will provide you with PPC services as well as a myriad of other digital marketing options.


So, if you can work with a business that not only encourages you to step into the world of PPC, but can actively produce good results in doing so, then all the better.


What is your general SEO strategy?


There aren’t many (if any) secrets left to good SEO. There’s just good SEO. So, if a business refuses to tell you what it’ll do to boost your search engine rankings, increase your traffic and boost your sales then they aren’t trying to hide some sort of trade secret; they’re simply inexperienced and don’t want to admit it.


A good SEO company is like a good boxer. Anyone can throw a punch, and anyone can move with their two feet. But it takes years of practice and a great sense and intuition for the sport to become a good boxer – or an SEO expert.


Make sure you’re working with an SEO expert. As long as you’re armed with these three simple questions, you’re good to go.

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