How To View AdWords Data In Google Analytics?

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Google is incredibly powerful. Its search engine is used about 40,000 times a second nowadays according to Internet Live Stats, and Google hit 1.2 trillion searches a year in 2012. However, of those 40,000 searches made in the course of you reading that number in your head, 85 percent are searches people have already made, says CNet. And many of them are searches you can make a profit from.


That’s the key point behind Google AdWords – you choose a business-relevant keyword, incorporate it into your content, and pay Google to be listed as a seller or service provider in your specific niche.


Having an understanding of all the key metrics in what makes up your website – and more importantly, what makes up your web traffic and the people who are most likely viewing your content – is the key to creating a profitable website and maintaining a strong web presence. It’s not enough to simply create a great website – if you want to make money, you need to fine tune your ads and content to your audience. And that requires the right data.


For both the sake of convenience and efficiency, Google has officially made it possible to link your AdWords account to a Google Analytics property, so you can “analyze customer activity on your website after an ad click or impression.”


According to the search engine company, this is meant to help you separate your organic traffic from the traffic you’ve been getting through AdWords, so you can boost the effectiveness of your PPC campaign and identify how effective your organic SEO has been, while receiving other AdWords data in your Analytics reports.


Why Join AdWords and Google Analytics?


It’s also useful for helping you identify how to better structure your website to make your AdWords campaign much more effective. For example, Google Analytics can show you when a customer is confused or stuck on a specific part of your page, and combining the two can help you address and solve problems that you might not have known about.


Remember, the most dangerous customer isn’t the one that comes to you with complaints – because that’s the customer you can address and help win over. The most dangerous customer is the kind that leaves without a word after encountering a problem – and it’s likely that many more are simply leaving rather than asking you for help. Pre-empt the problem by finding it quickly.


How to Quickly Link AdWords and Analytics


To begin, you’ll need both an AdWords account, and an Analytics account for the website you’re advertising. Then, you need the right permissions. As a Google Analytics user, make sure you have Edit permissions for your website. As an AdWords user, make sure you have administrative access over your account.


Next, sign into Analytics and select AdWords Linking under your Admin options, under Property.View the Google AdWords tab, and check the box next to the account you would like to link. Click Select All and Link Accounts to make sure you’re linking the right view.


With AdWords access in your Google Analytics, you’ll be able to tell what’s what when it comes to whether traffic is paid or organic. This way, you can tell how an SEO provider like SeoTuners is helping your traffic through affordable SEO services, and what kind of impact your PPC campaign is having.

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