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4 Reasons You Need to Hire SEO Professionals

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Your website makes it easy for your consumers to find you. It can also be an indication of how competent you are. If your content is of high quality, accurate, and captures the interest of your target market flawlessly, then it improves the odds in your favour. You’re likely to end up with more clients or customers as a result. However, if your content is bad, riddled with grammar errors and has managed to hopelessly mangle the English sentence in every way possible, then you’ll probably end up with zero clients.


That’s why getting your site right matters. You need help, though. Here are four reasons why you should hire search engine optimization experts as soon as possible:

Your Content Needs To Be Seen.

Well-written content isn’t going to do you much good if it can’t be seen. You see, the more a site is relevant to its target market, the higher it ranks on the search engine results page. So when you search for a keyword, that site automatically pops up on your results list. However, if you’re only starting out, your page isn’t going to end up anywhere on the first or second page of the results any time soon. An SEO expert, though, will know just what to do to optimize your pages and improve their ranking, allowing more people to read your content, says the Moz blog.

Your Competition Is Online.

Your competition is doing it and that’s a good enough reason to follow suit. After all, you really wouldn’t want to be left behind in the dust by the companies you’re trying to outwit, outdo and outperform. With a lot of new businesses springing up every year, says the Entrepreneur, your competition grows every year. Having an excellent site gives your business an edge over those newcomers.

You Save on Costs.

SEO is much more cost-effective than other types of online marketing, especially when compared to PPC or even social media marketing. It takes a long time to build but once it’s up and running, your online reputation is established and you’ll have a constant stream of traffic to your marketing channels, all without having to pay for a single cent. With affordable SEO servicer rates, you won’t even have to spend millions on marketing your products or services.

Your Customers Are Online.

You need to be where your customers are. So if a lot of them are online, then you should be too. You should do your best to meet consumer demand wherever happens to be, including online venues. However, it’s not enough to have a website or Facebook page. If you want to reach out to your audience, you need to make sure your pages stand out from the rest. SEO pros can upgrade your site or put features and content that’s sure to capture and hold your target market’s interest. For as long as you continue to commit to building a consumer-centric experience, then this system will work, says Forbes.

So what are you waiting for? Hire an expert and get your marketing plans started.

Startup Talk: 5 Suggestions for Search and Social Newbies

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Getting your marketing campaigns off the ground isn’t going to happen overnight. This is already a tough job for most big companies to pull off. If you run a startup, it can be a monumentally resource-draining task, especially if you aren’t doing the campaigns right. Take a look at some of the tips we put together for beginners about the ins and outs of search:


Know Your Core Business Model

The first step to a successful online marketing campaign is to know your core business model, says Entrepreneur. You should have full knowledge of your business: when are the busiest and slowest seasons, for one? What growth goals have you set for yourself, the team or the company? How much profit do you get out of every customer? How long do customers stay with your business? Four years is a great average, by the way. Most of all, you should know your marketing channels. Some businesses are better off with a Twitter page. Others benefit most from a blog. Depending on the nature of your business and the target audience you want to reach, you could end up choosing one marketing channel over another.

Be Realistic

Keeping a positive attitude towards your business goals is all well and good but being realistic is even better. Realistic expectations mean you won’t get taken in by promises of overnight success. While some do get lucky and only slave away at the business for a mere month or two before being valued at a hundred million, that’s not really common in the world of start-ups. Inc says about 96 percent of businesses fail within the first 10 years, so set your expectations straight.

Have the Right Audience

Don’t put up a site unless you know who your target audience is. That’s because your target market would determine a lot of your online marketing and SEO efforts. So which consumer pie have you got your sights set on? When you know that, it’ll be easy enough for you to polish up your marketing plans.

Do the Work

Don’t just assume that sales will start rolling in as soon as you put up a site. You’re competing with a ton of other businesses out there. Maybe their sites are better than yours. You need to put in the time, effort, and even the cost necessary. That means you need to get help. Look into some SEO services in Los Angeles and Ventura to get you the assistance you need to take on your competition.

Earn Your Followers

Some companies think success is all about having the highest numbers of followers and fans, says CIO. However, buying followers just to help your business reach the top sends a bad message, one that says you can’t be trusted. If any of your customers find out, you might end up fighting a backlash big enough to be a public relations nightmare.

Putting up a business is tough. But sidestepping mistakes and following great tips can lead you closer to success with one confident step at a time.

For Mobile Unfriendly Sites: Google Warns Site Owners in Mobile Search Results

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For Mobile Unfriendly Sites: Google Warns Site Owners in Mobile Search Results Back in April 2015, the search engine giant, Google, announced through their Official Webmaster Blog that they would be putting out updates and launching an algorithm that was specific to the mobile search results that users would be getting. Specifically, the company noted that they would be giving preference to those sites that were already optimized so that they were easy to browse on various types of devices. This meant that those that had a mobile-friendly layout and design would rank on top of the list versus those that were difficult to navigate due to their desktop-centric coding. mobile-friendly-bp The Recent Update to the Algorithm If you were lucky enough to already have one that was good to go for smartphones and tablets, then you were probably unaffected by the specific change. But now, starting around April of 2016, the company is sending out warnings to several owners who still have not gotten the memo about tweaking their pages to be viewable beyond just desktop and laptop computers. For those who own pages with outdated designs, you would see a snippet above your meta description when you try to view your domain in the search results. It is a simple warning, as all it says is this: “Your page is not mobile-friendly.” According to an article by Jennifer Slegg on The SEM Post, Google’s very own John Mueller confirmed that these alerts are only visible to those who own websites that have been found not to comply with the new regulations. What This Means for Your Online Presence This all seems simple, or so it may seem. Surely it is just a reminder and not a threat to your online presence’s rankings, as many people would like to think. However, this is actually a polite warning from the corporate giant to start giving your page a face-lift before the next update to the algorithm rolls around. The company has even provided the public with several tools for developers meant to assist you in editing your coding so that it becomes much more suited to the latest lightweight and wireless technology. Some of the great tips that the company outlined in their very own guidelines include the following:

  1. Make it easy for your target audience to use your website for whatever purpose it is meant to serve.
  2. Analyze how effective it is based on how easily your users can carry out certain tasks that they have to do often.
  3. Choose a template or layout that will work on all sorts of devices, regardless of model, maker, or operating system.

When in Doubt, Hire An Expert Still finding it difficult to adjust your code so that it complies with Google’s new requirements? You can get in touch with companies that provide a plethora of affordable seo services in order to help you tune up your website and get it up to date with all of Google’s new requirements, especially when it comes to the mobile side of things.