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Drawing Traffic in the Wake of the Recent Core Update

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Google’s September core algorithm update has officially finished rolling out, and with any core update, search results, click-through rates, and traffic may change—sometimes drastically and unpredictably.

According to Search Engine Land’s review of SEO toolsets and data, this past update was not as impactful as the June core update, but it did seem to have a notable effect on the Your Money – Your Life (YMWL) category. It also appears to have most heavily affected the medical, media, and travel industries, according to

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What You Need to Know Before You Pay for SEO Services

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Hire affordable SEO services to help you boost your site’s ranking on the SERPs. This article offers sound advice on how to hire a reliable team of SEO experts.

What You Need to Know Before You Pay for SEO Services

Poor online visibility can kill your business. If your website isn’t even showing up on the top pages of the SERPs, that makes it harder for potential customers to find their way to you. Improve your online presence by hiring experts who have the tools and technical expertise to improve your site’s ranking.

Fix Your Product/Service

Before you hire a team for affordable internet advertising, check to make sure your product or service isn’t the problem. No matter how good the SEO firm is, if you’re marketing a bad product or service, that’s not going to do much to help your numbers. Ask yourself if your product/service offers a winning solution to the market. If it doesn’t, work on this first before you hire SEO pros.

Get a Client List

Secure the services of a reputable SEO company. Get a list of current and past clients for references. Reach out to the names on the list to get a better idea of the firm. Were their experiences with the SEO team positive? Use that information to narrow down the field.

Ask How

Find out what types of methods they’ll use. Discuss them in detail, the Digital Doughnut says. They should know how to explain the strategies and must have no problem going through the steps with you. If they can’t tell you how they’ll drive up your site’s ranking, much less how they can hit SEO goals, that’s a problem. If they tell you they’ll get your pages ranked in a month, that’s an unrealistic timeframe. Go elsewhere.

Get Measurable Results

Anything that can be tracked can be measured. That means you get data that you can use to improve your business. If you’re hiring an SEO consultant, find one that focuses on the ROI. The team must know where the conversions are coming from. Is it from your paid, search, or social media channels?

Look Beyond Quantity

Link building is an important part of your SEO strategy. But an excellent consultant knows enough to look beyond the links and takes the time to work on other aspects of your site, such as its loading time, on-page optimization content, user experience, and more, the Business Collective says.

Get Multiple Streams of Traffic

One of the best things about hiring a team of experts is that you get to leverage their industry experience to help your organization succeed. That’s good news, especially when you consider the many platforms that big companies utilize to market their products or services. From SEO to social media pages, it takes a digital marketing professional to keep track of all the guidelines, developments, and best practices for each channel. If you’ve got your hands full running the day-to-day operations of your business, it makes sense to get pros. If your SEO team isn’t offering to create multiple streams of traffic for you, you’ll miss out on a lot. Keep looking until you find a team that has the experience and know-how to create those additional sources of traffic.

10 Ways to Turn Your Rehab Marketing Ideas Into Success

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Improve your drug rehab marketing plan. This article offers ten ways to help you increase your admission numbers.


10 Ways to Turn Your Rehab Marketing Ideas into Success


The U.S. currently faces a massive drug addiction problem. More and more rehabilitation centers have popped up to meet increasing demands for treatment as a result. If you already run a rehab facility but find your treatment center struggling because of low admission numbers, you’ll need help. Here are ten ways to turn your marketing ideas into a surefire way to get a steady flow of clients.


Improve admission numbers to your facility by establishing a solid online presence. Develop a content-rich website with SEO as part of your drug rehab marketing strategy. That will optimize your site, so you’ll have more site and foot traffic.

Post on Social Media

Don’t ignore social media. Use the platform to post relevant information, one that will help your target audience. You can also use your social media pages to communicate with potential clients, the Entrepreneur says.

Write a Blog
Blogs increase visitors to your pages, which give you more potential clients, USA Today says. The platform is also ideal for creating content on drug rehabilitation. Optimizing your posts will improve your visibility on the SERPs.

Follow the News

If your facility has a presence on the site, use that to follow news and other developments in the field. Building a relationship with other drug rehab experts on LinkedIn also gets you more recommendations to your center.

Put Up Success Stories

People go to your site looking for help. They want to get better. Talking about success stories gives them the reassurance that things will work out, and that recovery—though difficult—is possible.

Know Your Audience

Build your content around your audience. Determine the content they respond to. Putting a personal touch to your messaging will help, along with offering insights into the facility or posting about the different treatments you offer.

Find the Reviews

Know what your clients think and say about your rehab facility. Get a Google alert on the name of your rehab center. You’ll likely come across a negative review or two. Don’t delete, though. You could do more harm than good. Instead, respond to the person. That will leave a good impression on potential clients.

Encourage Positive Reviews

The best way to kill the negative reviews is to encourage clients who’ve had a wonderful experience with you to write glowing, positive feedback. That will overpower the negative reviews.

Look at Your Competition

Evaluate the SEO strategy that your competitor is studying. Is the facility more successful than yours? Find out what they’re doing that you aren’t. Apply what works to your marketing strategies. For instance, are they making videos? Consumption of video content is growing. Improve your digital marketing strategy by including video content.

Hire Pros

Don’t forget to hire an experienced SEO marketing company. Get a team of digital experts to help you make all these steps happen. With their assistance, you can create a successful plan to market your rehab center. Use strategies that big companies rely on. From social media to SEO, find the right team to help you get started.

How to Completely Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

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Are you having trouble getting your business on the first page of Google? Google Local Optimization may be a good alternative in the meantime.


How to Completely Optimize Your Google My Business Listing


SEO is a tough nut to crack for most people. However, if you have a local business, you can use Google My Business listing to enhance your visibility on Google. When a person searches for a service, a map and top three nearest listings will pop up. Those three listings contain information such as contacts, directions, services, opening and closing time, and reviews from other customers.


With all this information on your screen, the customer has enough to decide or visit your website. Google Local Optimization using these tips is the only way to ensure your business is among the three listings that a customer in your area will see first.


  1. Complete your profile

If you have already claimed or initiated your business listing on GMB, you must complete all the required information. Filling in each field accurately will help customers find you quickly and give you more favor on Google ranking.


  1. Add keywords to the description

GMB gives you 750 characters to describe your business and win customer’s hearts. Make good use of them by saying all the important things. However, you should also use relevant keywords that will help with ranking and make you appear on more searches. Give the most pertinent information in the first 250 words because that is what will appear on the knowledge card.


  1. Choose a relevant category

When listing your business, it is essential to choose one primary category for your business. Categories help customers to find you quickly, and it narrows down the choices. You can narrow down the options by picking several secondary categories.


  1. Add many photos

Did you know that customers are more likely to visit a business that has photos listed? However, you need to regularly update your gallery with amazing images that speak well of your business. If you own a restaurant, post pictures of happy people dining and having fun. You can also have plated dishes and staff photos. You can also add videos to your photo gallery if they are necessary to showcase the experience.


  1. Collect customer reviews

Customers trust the opinion of other customers and their experiences. You should seek customer reviews from your friends and loyal customers and list them on GMB. Additionally, make sure you answer your customer’s comments and complaints. People need to trust your business and you as a person with their money and feel that you care.


  1. Make good use of posts

Recently, Google added another feature called posts. You can post any events, press releases, or any information you want to get out there on GMB. The idea is to blow your competition out of the waters by standing out and attracting more leads. You can also post entertaining videos here or any video where you are answering questions to customers.


Businesses that have a complete and accurate Google My Business Listing enjoy 70% more location visits and 50% more sales. When you optimize your GMB listing, your business appears on more searches, including Google maps, and list finder and your visibility increases.

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Is Link Building the Key to SEO or Is it a Scam?

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If there’s one thing the internet can agree on, it’s that link building is a hot topic in SEO for 2019. But is it still the infamous key to rising in the SERPs, or is it an outdated technique that can lose the authority of your website?

The frustrating answer is: It’s both! While everyone is arguing about whether link building is a pot of gold or a death-trap, they’re asking the wrong question altogether. Link building is a great technique that can launch you higher in search engine rankings, increase the authority of your website, and draw organic traffic—but it can also launch you into a pit of Google penalties if you do it inauthentically.

It’s not about whether you’re link building or not—it’s all about how you’re link building.

So, how can you link build effectively and authentically to get the most out of it for your business?

Let’s talk about how link building has changed in search

It’s Not a Numbers Game Anymore.

In fact, it’s not a game at all, and Google has made that very clear this past year. When Google’s PageRank Algorithm first put a value on the number of times another page linked to a site, all hell broke loose. Black hat link building techniques like linking in spammy comments and on third-party website link farms spread like a disease until Google did some serious soul searching and released a few updates like Google Penguin. Now the focus has veered sharply from quantity to quality with an emphasis on authentic links that logically refer to similar content that has validity, authority, and originality.

The websites that were boosted from these “cheats” years ago are now feeling the harmful effects of Google penalties. And now there’s no longer a way to “play” Google. If you’re going to link build, you need to use quality links—without any shortcuts, and this takes more time and specialized knowledge.

Link building is still in Google’s top 3 ranking considerations for site quality. There’s no question that link building can get you more search engine traffic, but only if you take the time to do it right. If you think link-building is a scam, in a way you’re right, because if you’re not taking the time to do it authentically or ensuring that you hire someone qualified to do it well, it sure can be.

Step Up What the Links Are Going To

Even if you make a deal with someone to link to your content in an informed and relevant way, if your content isn’t good, it’s not only a waste of everyone’s time, but it can ultimately be damaging to your site.

Ensure that your content is original, serves a purpose, and provides quality sources of information—whether it’s directly from you or through links to other authoritative sites.

The best types of content are those that are evergreen, meaning that they are timeless and will be linked to and borrowed from again and again—especially if you return to your content periodically to clean it up and keep it relevant.

Images, diagrams, info graphs, charts and other visual-oriented pieces of content are bound to get plenty of backlinks—because they take time, energy, and content knowledge to produce.

List posts (also known as listicles) also do very well because they cater to common search phrases.

People are also having a lot of success with original research, data, opinions pieces, and all-inclusive guides. While it was once thought that readers had a short attention span, requiring short content, longer content that is logically organized to be easily searchable is now performing well.

 How You’re Linking Matters

It’s also important to pay attention to how you’re linking to content and how others are linking to yours. Editorially based links, meaning those that are embedded within content as opposed to “unnatural” links that are placed in headers or footers are always preferred. Additionally, your anchor text and co-occurrences matter.

Anchor text is the text that actually links out, and it’s important that it’s relent to the content being linked to—but not so relevant that it’s absolutely verbatim. The link at the beginning of this paragraph is editorial, but the anchor text is pretty obvious—we only linked out a definition. Ideally, you want to integrate your links to be more meaningful.

Co-occurrences are the words and phrases that appear around your link that Google also pays attention to. For example, the entire paragraph above explaining anchor text in more detail would qualify as co-occurrence.

Pay attention to linking in ways that are meaningful and well-integrated—don’t just link out to other sources for the sake of it. Beyond linking to authoritative sites with high quality content, you should also try to link to others in your industry and related industries because this has a higher relevance.

 Network, Don’t Outsource

Speaking of relevance, link building is done best when overlapped with networking. Businesses often like to do this through guest posting or guest blogging, but just like link building, this can be great or terrible depending on how it’s done.

Guest posting is an arrangement you make with another publisher where they publish your content, you publish theirs, or some combination thereof. This can be dangerous because ultimately your content reflects your business, and if the people writing it aren’t well-informed it can have a negative effect on the reputation of your brand. This can also include hiring freelancers or otherwise outsourcing your content.

However, guest posting can be an excellent opportunity for building alliances and partnerships with like-minded businesses that can be mutually beneficial. Additionally, it may not be practical for your small business to write all of its own content.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that your content is still yours and you take ownership of it. If you allow another business or individual to contribute, ensure that you are still involved in the process and that they are putting in the time and research to do good work.

Consider making real life links with businesses that have things in common with yours but are not direct competitors. You can link to each other’s content, guest post, and refer clients to benefit you both.

Links Matter, but They Aren’t Everything

Obviously, we believe that link building is a very important aspect of a sound SEO strategy—but that being said, it shouldn’t be the only aspect. Depending on your industry, link building may not even be useful for your site at all.

Other organic SEO factors like your time on-site, bounce rate, and click-through rate shouldn’t be neglected. Ultimately, all of these factors together work in tandem to prove to Google that your website is user-friendly, valuable, and authoritative.

 If you’re interested in improving your website’s search traffic, get in touch with us today. SeoTuners can offer an affordable solution for your business to increase exposure and SERP rankings with organic SEO strategies like keywords. we’re confident we have a solution for all your marketing needs.