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SEO Packages for your business

Killer Tips to Choose the Best SEO Package for your Business

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SEO has become imperative for every business today. Whether you’re a big brand, or a small manufacturing unit, SEO is important for each player. However, the key to successful SEO is choosing an SEO package that suits your business’ needs. Now that can be a grind, having said that there are numerous SEO companies in the market and they have different kinds of SEO packages to offer.

affordable SEO packagesSEO packages offered by any company can be of two types, namely standard and customized. Standard package include a suit of SEO activities that are generally needed by business of all types. They have a fixed set of offerings and are offered at rates lower than personalized/ tailored packages. Hence, they can be appealing to a business new to SEO. However, the downside with standard SEO packages is that all the services offered in the them may not necessarily be of use to your business. Doesn’t really make sense paying for something that will add no value to your business. For instance, Facebook promotion in a standard SEO package may not really be able to add much value to a wholesaler of chemicals.

Hence, it’s always better to consider personalized/ tailored SEO packages. Though they may be a slightly more pricey than standard SEO packages, you can be sure that you’re paying for activities that will add value for your business.

Irrespective of whether you choose a standard or a tailored SEO package, there are a few things that you should ensure the package offers. They include:

  • Analysis & Research – Since keywords are critical for SEO to be successful and your business to profit from it, it’s is imperative that the SEO company/ package you choose provide you with research services on which keywords would work best for your business. It should also provide you with an analysis on those keywords so that you can see how credible the keywords are.
  • Article writing – SEO -optimized article writing is important for your SEO activities since they are a natural yet powerful way of promoting your keywords and key phrases. While you may find this service a little pricey, you must know that it will add great value to your website and the results obtained through the other SEO activities.
  • Blog posting – This is another additional feature that can add value to your business website., and is available for a nominal charge.
  • Directory submissions – While most SEO packages will have this service included in their service package, it’s important that you ask them to provide you with a list of which directories they’d be using.
  • Tracking & Reporting – This is also an important aspect of a good SEO package. The company should be able to provide you with a tracking and reporting system to keep you posted on the developments happening on your website and the results being obtained through SEO.
  • Recommendations – The client should offer you recommendations with respect to what on-page, off-page, keyword optimization, etc. can benefit your business even more. Remember a good company will always want it customers to thrive and will suggest the best possible ways to achieve desired results.

Besides this you may also want to check if other important services such as Social submissions, social media promotions, etc. are being conducted.

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SEO professional services

How Professional SEO Services Can Help Your Business Increase Margins

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SEO is constantly evolving, which is why it can become very difficult for business owners to do all that is needed to generate profits from their SEO efforts. Besides, there are a large number of factors that govern how certain SEO activities perform. While there are various tools, tutorials and expert advice available to help businesses perform SEO on their own, most studies show that the results yielded are significantly different from when SEO experts are hired for the job.

So how can hiring professional SEO services help increase your business’ profits?

SEO servicesExpertise

One of the biggest benefits of hiring professional SEO services is you can leverage experience and expertise. Now matter how good we are at learning and adapting to changes, some things are best left to the experts. And, SEO is one of them. SEO experts usually bring with them large amounts of experience. Since they have worked with different kinds of businesses for years already, they are highly likely to know what strategies will work best for your business.


Since the KRA of an SEO service provider is to help you get more visibility, they will do all it takes to get you good rankings. Being highly experienced in this field, they are more likely to achieve better results than you or you in-house team would. With better rankings, you’re website will be visible to your target audience, thereby helping you get more footfalls and increase your conversion. Understand here that higher rankings are attained not just through submissions and backlinking, but also a range of on-page improvement activities that will help improve the user experience and therefore increase the conversion rate of visitors to buyers.

Online reputation

SEO activities focus not just on improving your website rankings but also on various other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. This way your business is able to develop an online reputation. And, when your business is able to build a presence on the Web, more customers will trust you and buy from you, thus increasing your bottom line.


Online advertising is cost-effective when compared other forms of advertising by significant levels. Moreover, the benefits of outsourcing also come into play – you save on the cost of hiring an in-house team and managers to see that they’re working well.

Focus on core competency

The adage “jack of all trades, master of none” Isn’t without a reason. In an effort to juggle between your business and online advertising, you might just be falling short of paying enough attention to what your business is best at doing, and eventually loosing out on profits. Hence, by entrusting an SEO company to manage your online marketing, you can focus on your business’ core competency.

So, what benefits have you gained from hiring professional SEO services for your business? Share your experiences with us in the comments below. And, for SEO services in Los Angeles and Ventura, visit us at SeoTuners.


Why A Website Is Important For All Businesses

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In the past, when we needed to find a bakery, an attorney, a doctor or a restaurant, we would look up the Yellow Pages. Today however, we look up search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to find what we need. Having entered what we’re looking for, we visit the links that are generated through the search, mostly those on the first page, to look for more information on their location, contact number, products or services, clients and other important information or even make reservations or appointments. What’s more, most customers find out the brick and mortar locations of businesses through their websites.

So you can clearly imagine what your business is missing out on by not having a website. Eventually, it’s all affecting your margins. Besides, you’re allowing your competitor to beat you without competing at all. Hence, a website is a very important marketing tool that a business must invest in, to provide information and updates about your company, and attract new customers.

Importance of websitesUnderstand that the point isn’t if your website needs a website or not, rather that your customers expect your business to have it. Besides, website creation is quite affordable for small businesses too.

Let’s look at some benefits that businesses can expect from investing in a website. As someone offering website SEO services in Los Angeles and Ventura, we believe that having a website can help businesses reap the following benefits.

  • Avail low-cost advertising – The Web has a much deeper and wider reach than any other advertising form. And, while it does take some time to get enough traffic to your website to be able to make your marketing campaign worthwhile, the effort costs close to nothing. Moreover, once you’ve established an online presence through a website, you can now promote it through different mediums such as PPC, social media, etc.
  • Gain more visibility – To be able to become visible to your target audience online, you must first have a website. No matter how well known your business is in the market, in the present digital age, prospective customers prefer finding out information online first and then walk up to your brick and mortar outlet.
  • Be accessible to your audience round the clock – By building a website for your business, you can be accessible to your prospective customers round the clock. Customers can browse through your products and company updates or buy in their convenient time. This way you can offer your customers convenience, which is the biggest lookout factor for the modern customer.

We’re living in an era when we look up search engines for the most basic of queries and needs. As such, not having a website for your business is as good as good as saying – I don’t need air to breathe.

So how important do you think websites are for businesses? Share your thoughts and takes with us in the comments below. And, for affordable website SEO services, visit us at SeoTuners.

Best SEO Tools

SEO Company Tips on Choosing

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If you are looking for an SEO company to help you with your online business there are a few things to consider before you make a decision.  These things include the services provided by the company, complaints, and proven results.  Choosing the right business to help you can make all of the difference in the world with your success.

It is important that an SEO company offers techniques and services that match up with the goals you want to achieve with your online business.  Many of the types of services provided by many SEO companies include things like blogging, article writing, search engine optimization, link building, and more.  You might want to talk to a professional and learn about the different techniques and the benefits of each.  This will help you decide which method of marketing is right for you and if the company you choose offers the techniques specific to your needs.

Complaints are always something you should look for on the web when you are looking for an SEO company.  However, always do your due diligence in making a determination if any complaints you do see are valid. Even the best companies have complaints every now and then.  It is important to be sure you don’t choose a business with a reputation for taking the money and not performing the services.

A proven track record of success is the most important thing you want to look for with an SEO company. You can ask for a portfolio or a list of other businesses on the web the company has assisted. Be sure to look at the site rank and verify if the online site has a lot of traffic.  Do a few searches and see how the ranks are in the search engines also.

It is very important to research an SEO company before you make a decision to work with them for any advertising on the web.  Many of the things you should look for include complaints throughout the web, if the methods used by the business match with your website goals, and if the business has a proven track record of success helping other online companies.

Is SEO Dead

SEO is not dead: Find out why?

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Without beating around the bush, SEO isn’t dead and won’t be so long as search engines live and keep producing unpaid results. Now, let’s understand why SEO won’t die and why people keep saying so.

SEO has existed ever since search engines did but, it’s changing algorithms have made it a ball of fire that needs to be dealt with, very carefully and tactfully. This has lead to many SEO pessimists speculate on whether SEO will become obsolete one day. However, that’s far from true. While SEO may evolve over the years, it will never completely disappear. And, this will become evident when you’ll see how SEO has shaped over the years. Let’s have a quick look.

The beginning

Google, in its nascent stages, was fault ridden and clunky, where it displayed results based on a handful of parameters and factors. However, it was the best thing to happen to the internet and it’s popularity skyrocketed. The growing popularity of Google and the simple internet ranking algorithms posed an opportunity to exploit for the system coders and marketers.

But, instead of looking at it as a marketing strategy, it grew to become a cheat code in the internet game. This lead to a lot of spamming because the algorithms were simple. For instance, if there needed to be x number of a particular keyword in a website to make it rank on the top of search engines, all that one needed to do was stuff the website with those many keywords, which also made SEO services affordable.

The present

However, the concept of affordable SEO services soon transformed. When Google reached a stage of stability, which was sometime during 2010, its algorithms began changing and maturing. These algorithms became complex eventually. The Panda update was the first to unleash hell on websites, penalizing them for duplicate content or keyword-stuffed content. Then came the Penguin, followed by the Hummingbird and Pigeon, which was the latest.

All of these updates made it difficult to spam SEO and rankings on SERPs thereby sparking controversies and speculations of which “SEO is Dead” was one. While marketers comprehended such algorithm updates as a journey towards the end of SEO, it was only efforts made by Google to ensure its visitors got useful results and kept coming back again and again.

Why SEO won’t die?

The growing complexity in SEO algorithms has left little room for spamming and stuffing in SEO. And, ever since the Panda update, there’s no stopping Google. This rapidly changing face of SEO has left many marketers and search experts bewildered and thus contemplating on whether SEO is dead. But, SEO isn’t dead and will never die. It will only evolve and help websites get better in the value they offer.

Do you think SEO can die sometime in the near future? Share your thoughts and opinions with me in the comments below.

SEO Lessons Learned in 2014

Lessons Learned About SEO in 2014

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2014 is nearing end and it’s time to take a look at the changes that have taken place in the SEO industry through the year and what lessons they have for us.

SEO Lessons Learned in 2014

  1. Link building will never be the same – Link building began transforming since 2012 when Google launched the Penguin algorithm. Hundreds of websites were penalized. In 2014, Google launched the Penguin 3.0 update which impacted a good 1% of the searches again. As a matter of fact, Penguin has now become part of a rolling update thus making link building nothing less than quick sand. For marketers, this essentially means that link building has changed and the emphasis now, is on quality and not quantity. Therefore it’s important to study links before considering them worthy of your website.

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  1. Good quality content is worth every penny spent – While the emphasis on quality content had begun since the very first Panda update, two Panda updates launched this year, namely 4.0 and 4.1, have reiterated the significance of quality content once again. These updates are aimed at reducing the performance of websites that have low quality content. Good quality content is what needs to be invested in, to enhance the value of a website. And, to generate good quality content, one needs to understand the content needs of the target audience and then tailoring it accordingly.
  2. SEO now includes social media – Social media was earlier looked on as a separate marketing strategy but, over the years, businesses are quickly realizing that it is a part of SEO and, a very important one. But, social media profiles need to be optimized for visibility. Posts should be informative and engaging and should contain the relevant keywords which point back to high quality informative posts on your website.
  3. Mobile optimization is the need of the hour – Many companies are observing that about 40% or even more of the traffic is being generated from mobile devices. Hence, optimizing your website for mobiles is no longer an afterthought. Especially after learning that a significant percentage of purchases are done using mobile devices. And, websites need to be optimized not just for mobiles but also other devices such as tablets, phablets, etc.
  4. SEO is constantly changing – There’s little certainty in SEO and marketers need to be prepared for whatever comes their way. Google is committed to changing goal posts depending on what enhances and improves its visitor’s experiences. The key to staying afloat in Google’s ocean is to learning how to adapt to the changes it throws at you.

So, before looking for an SEO services company in Los Angeles and Ventura, use the above lessons to gauge what your website lacks and the areas of improvement. This will help you determine what services you would need form the chosen SEO company.

What SEO lessons have you learned in the year 2014? Share them with me in the comments below.

Tips to improve ROI

How To Improve Your ROI By Content Distribution?

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Content Distribution is the new way of designing and presenting creative content that’s tailored to the needs of a user and it’s taken the online marketing industry by storm. For those who haven’t got a chance to delve into this brilliant content marketing tactic, here’s a brief.

What is Content Distribution?

Content distribution networks are rapidly becoming powerful tools for attracting and engaging new audiences and expanding creative content’s reach. Using this method, marketers are able to offer content tuned to the user’s experience, therefore making the advertising come across as less intrusive and more of a natural discovery process, while increasing the click-through-rates (CTR).

So, how can we improve ROI using content distribution mechanism? Here are 5 ways.

Improving ROI using Content Distribution

  1. Consider custom tracking parameters and URLs – Setting parameters for for the URLs of your landing page can help you track the ROI on your content marketing right down to specific titles or images. While platforms typically offer the option of including parameters at campaign levels it’s recommended that the parameters be used down to the title and image levels for more specific insights.
  2. Incorporate small conversations on your landing pages – Micro conversation such as following your company on social platforms or including email sign ups can be valuable in attracting leads even after the close of a campaign.
  3. Establish your goals before the launch of your campaigns – Goals will help measure the success of your content marketing campaigns as well as provide you with an insight into the areas that require improvement in your campaigns to follow.
  4. Consider using event trackers on your landing pages – Event trackers will help track those micro conversations and are, by all means, the best tool for this purpose. When assigned in different fields, one ca get a greater granulated analysis of these conversations.
  5. Set up an A/B test – Considering an A/B test for your content will help you optimize them for responses and conversions. Try testing a few different image or titles on every piece of content you’re going to promote. However, ensure setting a cap on your campaign spending; so that you don’t end up exhausting your entire budget in one go.

Have you tried content distribution yet? In what ways has it benefited you? Share your experiences with us in the comments below. And, if you’re looking for a credible SEO company in LA, visit us at to know how we can help you.


2 Effective Steps To Finding Your First Client

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Getting your first client is tough. And, to add to your troubles, you’ll have blogs and videos where advisers suggest endless list of things to be done to get a client to pay you for your services. Sounds off putting, isn’t it? But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Getting your first client requires no more than finding your client and communicating with him/ her. No, I’m not joking and you aren’t really at fault in thinking so. As human beings, we tend to complicate the smallest of things to such an extent that we mostly rule out the fact that a lot of problems can have simple effective solutions to them. Now, without getting into further philosophical lectures, let’s take a look at the steps to getting your first client.

Steps to getting your first client

While you may find this like a wrong joke uttered at the wrong time, the fact is, there are basically two crucial steps to getting your first client. They include:

  1. Finding your client
  2. Communicating

Yes, just these two steps and you’ll have a paying client for your new setup. However, the catch lies in the way both the steps are executed and the approach taken. So, to help you understand these two steps, here’s a little brief on how you need to go about it.

Finding your first client

So, you have an affordable SEO company in Los Angeles and Ventura? Begin by finding out who your customers are exactly, and where they look for, when finding solutions to their problems. While one can always resort to getting their business listed in a popular directory or a SEO forum, it’s always best to get on to finding your specific client and then pitching your services. That way, you’ll be able to find out what their specific needs are and the best solutions you’ve got for them.

Like it or not, most people out of these filtered ones will find you ugly but, you’ll have a few, or maybe one, who will be willing to pay you for your services. You’ll need to find these few people and turn them into the long-term customers. You can niche down your data on the basis of income level, interest, location, age, etc. Once you have the niche list ready, get into their minds and try to understand what they’re looking for. This can be done by simply interviewing a random few. Once you know their needs, it’s time to suggest them with solutions.


Email is the most important tool for communicating here. Now you may think what’s so extraordinary about pitching to clients. It will be a mistake on your part if you underestimate your the potential of an email pitch to your prospective clients. The catch here though, is that the email needs to communicate the exact value that you wish to offer to your client and nothing more.

Avoid frills and false promises and keep to the point. You should brief them about the problem that you wish to solve followed by the solution and wrap it up with the eventual gains that they’ll derive using your service. Check out useful pitch email tips suggested by Ramit Sethi.

This should set the ball rolling and get you thinking on a full-scale marketing campaign that will follow.

So how did you get your first client? Share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments below.

E-Commerce SEO

Proven Tactics for Killer Ecommerce SEO

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Ecommerce businesses need to face stiff competition these days. And, keeping the websites abreast and noticeable, is becoming more challenging by the day. Now that isn’t to bog you down and raise your blood pressure, but to remind you of how overwhelming managing ecommerce can become most of the time. But, worry not; here are 5 killer ecommerce SEO tactics to keep your ecommerce website a step ahead of your competitors.

ecommerce marketing

Proven Tactics for Ecommerce SEO

  1. Keep duplicate content in check – One of the most common and diverse problem faced by ecommerce website is of duplicate content. Pages can be duplicated through print preview, filtering, faceted navigation, query parameters, etc. Or, your website may also be featuring web pages with product descriptions that have been directly pulled out from the manufacturer’s manual. Whatever be the case, duplicate content can split page authority and conversion tracking, thus resulting in negligible organic traffic. Note here that besides creating unique content for all product and category pages, blocking query parameter pages and defining canonical settings is also very important to alleviate such problems.
  2. Consider tuning your informational architecture – The information layout can be critical to an ecommerce website’s bounce rate, which is very similar to a brick and mortar supermarket store. Finding coffee in a toiletries section or having entire sections of American tuna can be a terrible experience for your potential buyers. Hence, layout is very important. In the case of an ecommerce store, automating universal on-site elements, instituting breadcrumb navigation, crafting user-friendly URLs and mapping out category hierarchies can be some of the ways to enhance usability and improve the website’s crawlability.
  3. XML Sitemaps – XML sitemaps act as a directory for your ecommerce websites. Since ecommerce websites have a number of cycle products that are uploaded and removed from time to time, they can create an influx of broken and new pages. Hence, XML sitemaps need to be updated regularly and submitted to search engines, so that the new pages can be indexed and the old ones removed. Updating XML sitemaps will also help organizations monitor indexing fluctuations and take necessary actions accordingly.
  4. Implementing ecommerce tracking and site search – While implementing on-site search is a must-have tool for ecommerce websites to track user behavior, having an sales tracking tool can help gauge user buying behavior and help your create marketing strategies accordingly.
  5. Use of structured data – Although it isn’t universally adopted as a ranking signal, structured data can be remarkable in optimizing the click through rates, in the case of organic searches. Structured data offers users with greater comparative data, earlier in the purchase cycle, therefore helping you present your consumer satisfaction data alongside that of your competitors.

How many of the above ecommerce solutions do you ensure for your ecommerce website? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below.

seo services for small businesses

Here is How Small Businesses Can Compete with Giants in SEO

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When it concerns Search Engine Optimization (SEO), small businesses can have a tough time competing with their established and significantly large competitors. Spending large sums of money in trying to mimic their marketing strategies blindly can prove to be disastrous, and far from productive. Small businesses need to consider how they can use their limited resources in the smartest way possible, and beat their larger competitors in the online forum. Here are a few suggestions.


Small businesses: How to compete with giants in SEO

  • Focusing on a niche – A great way to compete with your competitors is to focus on a niche. While one may rationalize that specializing on a wide range of areas can help target more keywords, and thus gain more business, that may actually not work well. On the contrary, focusing on a niche business area will help you offer the best solutions for that particular service and therefore make your brand name the best in that category of service. This may offer you less number of keywords to target, but it will make you a specialist in a particular category. For example, if you’re into home improvement, rather than focusing on plumbing, cooling, heating, roofing, etc. focusing on only plumbing or cooling can make you a specialist in it and help you compete with your bigger competitors.
  • Opting for long tail keywords – A common misconception among small businesses is that targeting the short, most popular keywords can help them gain the traffic that’s needed to succeed. However, the competition on these short tail keywords being immensely high, ranking on them eventually becomes tough and doesn’t get businesses much value. Instead, focusing on smaller number of long tail keywords can help small businesses rank easily and get them visibility and traffic from them faster. As a matter of fact, Google too suggests focusing on long tail keywords, rather than short ones. So essentially, the focus of small businesses should be on sacrificing more number of short keywords with less ranking potential for less number of long tail keywords with high ranking potential.
  • Local SEO – Continuing with the same example as above, consider the following situation – is it better to be the best plumber in Houston or to be an okay plumber in US. Optimizing websites for local searches is a great way to beat competition, for small businesses. Targeting the local audience can help small businesses gain a stronghold in the local market, which can be tough when they’re trying to gather national-level eyeballs. This will also help small business edge out competition in at least one niche area.

These 3 ways can help small businesses beat their larger competitors in search ranking in a big way. Having established a strong foothold in the local market, businesses can then consider expanding their horizons for increased market share.

What are your suggestions for small business SEO? Share them with us in the comments below. Visit us at for SEO services for small businesses, and to find out how we can help you beat your competitors through our highly customized SEO services.